About LMSU!

At this page you can find some basic information about Me and LMSU!

LMSU was made by Me, TheLinx with a big T (and a big L), in 3 days! Omyg0t!
This is just a simple webpage i made so you guys (or gurlz) can keep track of my websites!
You might wonder, what LMSU is a short for; well the answer is:
(Linus is my first name, M***** S****** is my last name :D)

I would never could have done it without:

I could have done it without these programs:

About Me (TheLinx)!!

Name: Linus MS
Age: 11 years old
Live in: Capital of Sweden!
Listening to: My Last.FM Profile
WinAmp skin: WinAmp modern with Color Theme "Bloods"
CS player: Yes (Sometimes)
Using WYSIWYG editing: Nope. Im a 1337 coder.
MSN Messenger mail: link941230@hotmail.com
Yahoo! Messenger: link941230
AIM/AOL Screenname: linusthelinx
ICQ id: 317398036
Skype name: linusthelinx
Main language: Swedish
Well, i think thats all....